Branding, Packaging, UX/UI Design

Year: Junior Spring 2022

Duration: 6 weeks

In this project, I was assigned to create a kit that would serve in helping a specific target audience of my choosing. The idea was that this kit would be ordered online and sent to the user through the mail. In this case, the specified audience is females between the ages of 16-25 years old who have lactose intolerance. The ordered item would be a semi-customizable keychain to hold pills that help with lactose relief.

I learned that it is estimated that over 68% of the world’s population has a lactose intolerance. Meaning, over half the world cannot consume regular dairy products, or feels discomfort when they do. A majority of this group is female. Focus groups were conducted over the course of the project in order to improve upon the design and structure.

A moodboard and user journey were first created in order to ideate branding and deliverables. Prototypes of the product and packaging were made throughout the process for focus groups to test out and provide feedback on. A website was designed as a means to order the kit and posters were made for advertising.

The final outcome was a light-hearted design solution with witty language and fun branding.

︎︎︎A full case study of the project may be viewed here.