UX/UI Design, WatchOS Application Design and Prototyping

Year: Junior Fall 2021

Duration: 5 weeks

In this project, I was asked to create an app for WatchOS where users could document their daily mood and based upon those moods, would be able to view visualizations that represented the data. For my app, specifically, I chose to focus on using voice-recognition technology where a user would be able to speak into their device about how they are feeling, and the application would then determine the user’s mood.

As part of the research, I documented my mood daily, multiple specific times a day, to see how much a person’s mood can fluctuate in a day and use this information in my prototyped designs. Research also went into the restrictions and guidelines for WatchOS apps.

I began with creating a user flow to determine how the app would work and moved forward to create low- and high-fidelities from there. The original idea for the app was not to use voice-recognition. However, as I moved forward in the process of creating the app, I recognized it to be an efficient way for moods to be tracked. Talking out loud about and through emotions without taking time to answer basic questions or write down thoughts allows for the most possible evaluation of raw emotions. Since the app was so heavily based on voice, I found it best to create visualizations for the data through color associations and voice waves, allowing users to see their own words and thoughts as a visual piece.

The end result is what became a very simple, yet conceptually strong application for users who do best expressing their emotions through a form of speaking that I like to call “rant”ing.