Title Sequence, Film, Timing

Year: Junior Spring 2022

Duration: 4 weeks

Assigned to create a title sequence for an existing film, I chose to base my project off the John Hughes classic The Breakfast Club. We were instructed to create a storyboard mapping out our plan and carry it through with our choice of medium. The director, producer, and main characters had to be incorporated into the sequence as we saw fit.

Being familiar with this movie, I was able to have an idea for how I wished to execute this project moving forward. However, for thorough research, I rewatched the movie and took notes on what I believed were defining characteristics in each role.

Once initial research was concluded, I moved on to sketching out my storyboard. In doing so, I determined that the experimentation of film would be involved. The goal became to make the audience feel as though they themselves were sitting in detention, waiting for the movie to start, as if time would never end.

The final outcome was a film-based product that transformed the viewer into a student, anticipating their long awaited moment of freedom.