Storytelling, Layout, Set, and Costume Design, Photography, Filming, and Directing  

Year: Junior Fall 2021

Duration: 7 weeks
Model: Alyssa Penrod

In this project, I was to create a couture, fashion magazine loosely based off a known narrative (ie. a movie, song, poem, etc.). I chose to design mine based off the Jim Carrey movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This magazine would follow the storyline of if the Grinch had a daughter and her, years later, experiencing teenage heartbreak. I wanted this to have a punk style that made nods to the original Grinch. For this project, I created and sketched out the storyline, recruited a model, built the outfits and set design, photographed the images, designed the covers and spreads of the magazine, and printed and handcrafted the magazine. Other aspects to this project included building out a physical mood board, designing a letterform for the front cover, and filming and editing a teaser trailer for the magazine.

I gathered different ideas and materials to create a mood board and color scheme for the magazine by looking into couture fashion, punk styles, and watching over the original movie. 

From there, I began the process of trying to work around conflicting schedules with my model, many late-night photoshoots, redesigns of the magazine layout and letterform, filming and video editing, and hours printing over and over again to then construct the magazine.

The final outcome of this project included a simple rhyming pattern, colors, and themes to both reference the Dr. Seuss movie and build out a new narrative of a young, edgy Grinch, following in the old ways of her father.